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25 Years Experience in Design & Construction

Architectural Design Services - Northern Ireland

Architectural Design Services is the lead provider of energy efficient buildings for the Northern Ireland.

The Practice is operated by Mark Montgomery A.C.I.O.B. who is duly qualified in Architecture, Energy Assessment, Thermal Imaging and Construction and although this sounds a wide range of skills they are crucial in providing quality construction projects.

As skilled designers we can create interesting buildings!

As accredited energy assessors we can easily check and adjust properties for maximum efficiency.

As trained Thermal Imagers we are up to date in identifying the heat loss areas and flaws of even the most recent buildings.

As experienced contractors we can ensure your project is completed to the best quality.

Architectural Design Services provide these skills in house so there are no complications in the overlap of responsibilities that affect the majority of projects.

Inspiration In Design

Architectural Design Services - 107 Rathkeel Road, Broughshane, Ballymena BT42 4QE   028 2586 1177